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Hi! I'm Taryn Snider. I'm a photographer in the Permian Basin. So many people say that the Midland / Odessa is not visually appealing but I have to disagree. You see, I grew up in Midland. My parents grew up in Midland. To me it's beautiful and not just because it's my home. It's a different kind of beauty that doesn't exist anywhere else. I love that photography allows me to show you the beauty of west Texas through my eyes.

As I just mentioned, I live in the Permian Basin. Midland, to be exact. I am married my best friend and I'm the mom of three sons. I love Jesus, my family, my church, my community, and I like to do so many things. Among those things are photography, freelance writing, volunteering, reading, binge watching anything that's streaming, traveling, doing anything with friends, and working. Yes! I said working. I love taking pictures and I'm always excited to get to editing right after a shoot is over. I also have a business in the oil and gas field that I co-own with my husband and I love working there as well. It's a bonus that I'm able to incorporate photography into our oil and gas business by using my field photography to marketing our company.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And it is. But it's so much more. A picture is a story, a memory. I love telling stories through pictures. I love the anticipation of going to a photo shoot and capturing the moments that were presented to me. God makes beautiful things; I capture them. 

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